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Kinarm, CANADA

Kinarm Labs are versatile research facilities to study sensory, motor and cognitive function.

Kinarm Exoskeleton Labs™  monitor and/or manipulate the upper limb at the elbow and shoulder joints in the horizontal plane.  Available for use with one or two limbs, and powered by Dexterit-E™, our unique and flexible operating system for controlling the robots, the lab provides a broad range of hand and joint-based kinesiological information.

Kinarm End-Point Labs™ provide a simpler, cost effective, graspable robot that can create highly complex mechanical environments. Also run with Dexterit-E™, the lab is modular and enables the user to build their lab over time: from a single, stand-alone robot to a full lab with two robots, integrated virtual reality, gaze tracking and adjustable height stand.

Kinarm Standard Tests™ is a battery of standardized sensory, motor and cognitive tasks that provide automated quantitative and objective measures of brain function compared to a large database of healthy controls.  The Tests may be run on either Lab platforms.




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