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MR SOLUTIONS offers PRECLINICAL IMAGING SYSTEMS for brain, organ, oncology, functioning imaging, monitoring gene expression, disease progressive assessment, analysing protein interactions, investigating new contract mechanisms and agents, pharmacokinetics applications ..

  • 3T MRI : Translational cryogen free, pre-clinical MRI system : 0.1 T to 3.0 T
  • 4.7T MRI : Translational cryogen free, pre-clinical MRI system : 0.1 T to 4.7 T
  • 7T MRI : Cryrogen free, 7T pre-clinical MRI system : 0.1 T to 7.0 T
  • Variable MRI 0.1T - 9.4T : Plug and play design for PET/MR & SPECT/MR acquisition
  • PET/MR  : Simultaneous and sequential acquisition of PET & MR
  • SPECT/MR  : Simultaneous and sequential acquisition of SPECT & MR
  • Clinical conversion kit for small animal imaging
  • Confocal microscopy - Invivo optical imaging system
  • MRI spectrometers



MOMENTUM Particle  Imaging System

Magnetic Particle Imaging and CT Combined

HYPER: In Vivo Localized Magnetic Theranostic Platform for small animals

Applications :

·         Cell Therapy and Tracking

·         Nanotechnology in Cancer and Immunology

·         Quantitative Inflammation

·         Localized Magnetic Theranostics : Localized thermal therapy/Targeted drug delivery/Localized immune stimulation


Kaer Imaging System : Flexible in vivo near infrared fluorescence imaging  is a stand alone Open Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging System. It is designed for the detection of near infrared fluorescent molecules in animals in real time. Its optical head can be hand held or fixed on a stand, depending on the setup of the study. The system can be used on both small and large animals and is adapted to intraoperative imaging.


NIR-II Kaer  Open FLUORESCENCE  Invivo  Imaging System : In vivo fluorescence imaging in the NIR-II spectrum to improve sensitivity and resolution when imaging deeper in the tissues. The system benefits from the same flexibility and user friendliness as the original KIS for NIR-I but will help designers of new fluorescent agents to push further the limits of In Vivo Fluorescence imaging.


BeaQuant - Real-time autoradiography system :  with a resolution up to 20 µm, shorter exposure time and sensitivity even with a small amount of radioactivity in a sample.

Ideal for  ex-vivo or in-vitro preclinical research, Ex Vivo preclinical studies.

BeaQuant is the first autoradiograph system which can be used for beta particles imager and an alpha imager, as the machine is  polyvalent, which has the options of using the BeaQuant for either standard autoradiography or Quantitative Whole-Body Autoradiography (QWBA).


This alpha/beta imaging device can also be used with high energy radioisotopes or low energy radioisotopes without losing any resolution. Two different models of sample holders are available depending on isotope for standard microscope slides (75×25 or 75×50), or large samples (QWBA,TLC plates… : 20 cm x 20 cm or 10 cm x 10 cm) or custom sized samples

EchoMRI Corporation Pte Ltd, Singapore

EchoMRI™-100H and EchoMRI™-130 : Body Composition Analyzers for Live Small Animals (Mice) and Organs

EchoMRI™-500, 700, 900 and 1100 : Body Composition Analyzers for Live Small Animals (Rats, Mice) and Organs

EchoMRI™ 3-in-1, EchoMRI™ 2-in-1, and EchoMRI™-100V : Body Composition Analyzers for Live Small Animals (Mice), Organs, and Biopsies

EchoMRI™ 4in1-500, -700, -900, and -1100 : Body Composition Analyzers for Live Small Animals (Rats, Mice, Organs, Biopsy)

EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzers for Humans

Small Animals Mobile Analyzers - Birds and Bats

Larger Animals Mobile Analyzers - Dogs and Pets


TriTom™ – in vivo imaging platform for preclinical research and drug discovery : TriTomTM utilizes simultaneous spectrally-selective optical and photoacoustic excitation and detection to create unparallel volumetric assessment of live organisms, organs, and tissues

Triple analysis – anatomical, functional, molecular

Co-registered multimodality high-resolution imaging

High throughput whole body photoacoustic tomography

Cost-effective and space saving instrument design

Applications :

       Cancer research

       Developmental biology


       Morphology of internal organs

       Non-contrasted angiography

       Stem cell research

       Development of contrast agents


Emka Technologies offers systems for preclinical research in cardio,respiratory and neuro applications.

  • Implanted Telemetry 
  • Non-invasive jacketed Telemetry
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Isolated organs and tissues
  • Cardiovascular equipment
  • ECG recording and analysis
  • Data acquistion & analysis software


SCIREQ offers a wide range of instruments for respiratory research

  • flexiVent - Invivo lung function measurements
  • inExpose - compact inhalation exposure system
  • Cigarette smoking robot (CSR) features automatic lighting and ejection
  • e-cigarette extension 


  • Retinal Imaging Microscope for small animals
  • Image – Guided Tomography (OCT)
  • Image – Guided Focal ERG
  • Ganzfeld ERG
  • Anterior Segment Imaging
  • Image Guided Laser Photocoagulation
  • Invivo retinal imager for large lab animals



PERIFLUX 6000/5000 : LASER DOPPLER SYSTEMS : enables simultaneous monitoring of (laser Doppler) blood flow/perfusion and transcutaneous oxygen (TCOM, tcpO2) and/or carbon dioxide. The unit can use thermostatic laser Doppler probes (precise heating of the tissue at the measurement site) and/or temperature measurement sensors. Perimed software offers complete and customized solutions for safe, smooth and simple workflows to investigate and assess the microcirculation.


Applications :


Stroke Model (MCAO) : PeriFlux System 6000 Stroke Model Monitor is a complete set for studying induced strokes in rats or mice.


PeriCam PSI System is a non invasive blood perfusion imager based on the laser speckle contrast analysis (LASCA) technology. It is a method that visualizes tissue blood perfusion in real time. PeriCam PSI System combines dynamic response and high spatial resolution in one instrument, providing both real-time graphs and video recordings of the tissue being studied.

PeriCam PSI is available in three versions :


PeriCam PSI NR ( Normal Resolution)

PeriCam PSI HR ( High Resolution)

PeriCam PSI Z ( Zoom Lens )

Applications :-

·         Chicken Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Assay

·         Cortical Spreading Depolarization (CSD)

·         Hind Limb Ischemia (HLI)

Unique features qualify the PSI to study ischemic brain injuries in several models including stroke, chronic cerebral hypoperfusion, and traumatic brain injury.





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