MR SOLUTIONS offers PRECLINICAL IMAGING SYSTEMS for brain, organ, oncology, functioning imaging, monitoring gene expression, disease progressive assessment, analysing protein interactions, investigating new contract mechanisms and agents, pharmacokinetics applications ..

  • 3T MRI : Translational cryogen free, pre-clinical MRI system : 0.1 T to 3.0 T
  • 4.7T MRI : Translational cryogen free, pre-clinical MRI system : 0.1 T to 4.7 T
  • 7T MRI : Cryrogen free, 7T pre-clinical MRI system : 0.1 T to 7.0 T
  • Variable MRI 0.1T - 9.4T : Plug and play design for PET/MR & SPECT/MR acquisition
  • PET/MR  : Simultaneous and sequential acquisition of PET & MR
  • SPECT/MR  : Simultaneous and sequential acquisition of SPECT & MR
  • Clinical conversion kit for small animal imaging
  • Confocal microscopy - Invivo optical imaging system
  • MRI spectrometers 


SCIREQ offers a wide range of instruments for respiratory research

  • flexiVent - Invivo lung function measurements
  • inExpose - compact inhalation exposure system
  • Cigarette smoking robot (CSR) features automatic lighting and ejection
  • e-cigarette extension 


Emka Technologies offers systems for preclinical research in cardio,respiratory and neuro applications.

  • Implanted Telemetry 
  • Non-invasive jacketed Telemetry
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Isolated organs and tissues
  • Cardiovascular equipment
  • ECG recording and analysis
  • Data acquistion & analysis software


Aquaneering offers solutions for Zebrafish Aquatic housing system,Xenopus systems & Aquatic housing for other species.

  • Single sided & Double sided Stand alone zebrafish housing system 
  • eRACK ( Education rack) - two shelf minature zebrafish housing system
  • mRACK ( Modular rack) - Build as you grow  zebrafish housing system
  • Single sides & Double sided central filtration zebrafish housing system
  • Xenopus Aquatic housing system
  • Aquatic system  for other species


  • Retinal Imaging Microscope for small animals
  • Image – Guided Tomography (OCT)
  • Image – Guided Focal ERG
  • Ganzfeld ERG
  • Anterior Segment Imaging
  • Image Guided Laser Photocoagulation
  • Invivo retinal imager for large lab animals

NeoScience Co., Ltd. South Korea

Fluorescence In Vivo imaging system : Fluor i In Vivo, a fluorescence In Vivo imaging device, can detect most fluorescent substances from blue to NIR and has fast image processing speed. It uses the Defocusing Free HYPER APO lens to capture images for each channel without the need to adjust focus, resulting in clearer image data.

Luminescence In Vivo Imaging System : Lumi i In Vivo is a device that can image and analyze Luminescence signals from tissues and organisms. Using an optimized camera for macro-imaging, it can obtain intuitive and high quality images. NEOimage program provided with system analyzes luminescence images easily.  It has a simple design, is easy to use, fast and reliable.

NEUROSTAR,GmbH, Germany (Neuroscience division)

Neurostar is the inventor and only manufacturer of the Robot Stereotaxic,automated drilling followed by ultraprecise injection with tool to exchange and they offers ..

  • Motorized Stereotaxic
  • Fully motorized  and computer controlled Microinjector 
  • Drill & Injection Robot
  • Smart Bregma Finder
  • Histology Atlas Matching
  • DigiView Stereotaxic Atlas Integration


The world’s first All-in-One intravital confocal/two-photon microscopy system (IVM-C/M/CM/CMS/MS2) microscopy platform enables dynamic 3D cellular-level imaging of various biological processes in living animals in vivo.

In vivo visualizations of gene expression, protein activity, cell trafficking, cell-cell / cell-microenvironment interaction.

Explore complex dynamic behaviors of numerous cells inside a living body


  • Live Cell Intravital Imaging
  • Repetitive Intravital Imaging
  • In vivo Drug Efficacy Monitoring
  • In vivo Drug Delivery Monitoring
  • Ex Vivo Imaging


Bioseb offers solutions anxiety and depression evalution, motor coordination measurement as well as behavior analysis system  for neuroscience research.

  • Grip strength meter
  • Automated Forced Swimming test system
  • Home cage Activmeter
  • Rodent Pincher
  • Incapacitance test system
  • Cold Hot Plate Analgesy meter
  • Electronic von frey system
  • Open field test
  • Tail Suspension test system
  • Thermal Place preference test system
  • Small Algometer
  • Thermal Gradient test
  • Dynamic Weight bearing system
  • Kinetic weight bearing system

EchoMRI Corporation Pte Ltd, Singapore

EchoMRI™-100H and EchoMRI™-130 : Body Composition Analyzers for Live Small Animals (Mice) and Organs

EchoMRI™-500, 700, 900 and 1100 : Body Composition Analyzers for Live Small Animals (Rats, Mice) and Organs

EchoMRI™ 3-in-1, EchoMRI™ 2-in-1, and EchoMRI™-100V : Body Composition Analyzers for Live Small Animals (Mice), Organs, and Biopsies

EchoMRI™ 4in1-500, -700, -900, and -1100 : Body Composition Analyzers for Live Small Animals (Rats, Mice, Organs, Biopsy)

EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzers for Humans

Small Animals Mobile Analyzers - Birds and Bats

Larger Animals Mobile Analyzers - Dogs and Pets


Zantiks AD unit is ideal for measuring the behaviour of small fish and small rodents 
Zantiks MWP (which comes in several versions) is suitable for use with larval zebrafish, adult and larval Drosophila, Daphnia (neonates to adults), other crustaceans and small animals that can be housed in well plates or Petri dishes.


Metris offers solutions animal behavior research
  • LABORAS fully automates scoring and analysis of laboratory animal behavior (mice and rats).Detects more than 15 behaviors such as Eating, Drinking, Scratching, Circling, Seizures, Head Shakes, Hind - limb licking (Formalin Test)etc!. Doesn't use video or infra-red beams and enables measurements in absolute  darkness !
  • SONOTRACK is a full spectrum ultrasound recording, analysis and  playback system.Highly valued in - Anxiety, Learning (memory), Stress, Pain, Sexual related and Social Interaction experiments!.It fully automates ultrasonic sound (call) counting in user defined  frequency  bands !
  • SmartChamber to effectively block the external sounds, magnetics fields, unwanted visual cues, etc. Equipped with a ultralow noise ventilator, LED light, door switch, various sensors and an ultrasound microphone